Smart Methods For Shorting Bitcoin


If you are a Bitcoin investor who thinks that bitcoin is likely to go down sooner rather than later, get started by learning smart methods to short bitcoin!

The number of methods and platforms through which you can short bitcoin has increased with its enhancement in popularity. A bear market shows extra chances to earn as the worth of bitcoin goes down.

Physical Sale

As far as the trading of digital currencies is concerned, at times, the smartest move is to be aware of when to get off.

If you have already been involved in the crypto market, you can capitalize on expected turns by selling your valuable assets as soon as you feel that a rise has peaked.

Bitcoin Futures

This method is profitable for institutional traders. If you are one of those traders, the simplest way for shorting bitcoin is to sell and get rid of bitcoin futures. You can sell Bitcoin futures on CBOE and CME.

For retail investors, they can access futures trading on exchanges like BTSE. These futures are considered exchange-traded derivatives that make an investor trade an asset, a commodity, or a currency.

Contracts For Differences (CFDs)

Do you want to short bitcoin with the help of futures? Do you not like to hold tokens physically? Then this method is for you!

This method is based on a similar principle. The method requires the buyer to pay for the difference between the current amount and the price of a specified quantity of Bitcoin, agreeing on the future price.

Prediction Markets

Prediction markets are another smart method if you are looking to short Bitcoin. The method of prediction markets in cryptocurrency is like the ones in mainstream markets.

Traders can set up an event to create a wager based on the result. It allows you to predict that Bitcoin would go down by a certain percentage.

Crypto Exchanges

It’s possible that the crypto token holders may like to stay with crypto exchanges when they are trying to short Bitcoin.

Exchanges are backed by some huge names in the field, notably Co-founder of the Gemini Exchange, Tyler Winklevoss. Previously, as the prices had started to rise, he bragged to Microsoft CEO Bill Gates that his exchange cut down, shorting XBT.

Are You Ready To Short Your Bitcoin?

We hope that this blog helped you learn more about smart methods for shorting bitcoin. Remember to do your research and invest wisely. 

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