Getting All The Discounts On Your Next Grocery Store Trip


Let’s face it, sometimes grocery shopping can get a little expensive, but some secret savings tips can save you on your next trip to the grocery store. You might not know it, but there are many ways to help save you money on your groceries, and so you have some extra cash.

The best place to start with saving on your next grocery trip is to shop the circular and see what sales or deals are available that change on a weekly schedule. The best deals will be buy 1, get 1 free promotions that translate to each item being discounted 50% off.

Shopping buy 1, get 1 free deals you’ll want to focus on the certain products and sizes that apply to the sale since sometimes they limit the deal to certain sizes. Typically, they will list the applicable products in the circular according to variations, including size or quantity. It’s very rare, but some grocery stores can limit how many people buy to prevent selling out.

The traditional way of saving is using coupons that might seem tricky understanding certain item limits, product type, and size. This is why grocery store promotion circulars list the variations, including specific products and quantities. If you don’t get coupon circulars with the Sunday newspaper, you can get a ton of coupons on, including printable coupons and digital offers. Using coupons on sales items is like a double discount, but certain grocery stores will let you have triple discounts.

Some grocery stores offer additional circulars that include in-store coupons that can also be used with manufacturer’s coupons that can be used on sale items for a triple-discounted item. If you don’t have provided in-store coupons, some grocery stores offer a rewards card that instantly gives you access to all sales promotions while you build points for a discount during your shopping trip or, in some cases, can help reduce your price at the gas pump.

If this all seems tricky, there are resources from savvy savers that will let you know about the best upcoming deals in your local grocery store. Some savers share their knowledge of hot sales at grocery or drug stores, with most having Instagram accounts. Simply search for your local grocery store or drugstore name with ‘couponing’ and check out some accounts for inspiration that will show you it’s easier than you think.

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