Bond Basics 101 

If you're considering diversifying your financial portfolio with a low-risk option, you might want to consider investing in bonds. Before investing we break down the basics of bonds.  

Investing In Farmland Helps Feed America 

Common investments may come in a form of stocks or bonds but imagine investing in one of the oldest sources of wealth. FarmTogether gives you the chance to invest in lucrative farmland. 


Peer-to-peer lending emerged as an alternative to traditional bank loans as well as to provide good investment opportunities to individuals. We attempt to provide a bird’s eye view of how peer-to-peer lending has changed over the years. 

Save Money By Cutting Easy Expenses From Your Budget 

There are some expenses that are completely useless, and you might not even know you are paying for them. So, now is a good time to go through your expenses and slash them from your budget.  

A Look At The 70-20-10 Budgeting Startegy

If you are looking for a specific budgeting plan to try, one more conservative option would be the 70-20-10 budgeting strategy. 

How To Invest In Index Funds

Index Funds are a popular asset to invest in, as it simplifies the otherwise complicated stock market. Here is how you can get started. 

Save Your Time And Money By Avoiding These money Traps

You might think money traps are easy to identify but the most common money traps can happen anytime with most people facing them on a daily basis without knowing it.